Will the Akira live action remake work? – thoughts whilst watching the anime

The first DVD I bought was the remaster of this back in 2002

As one of the most iconic animated films of the 20th Century, 1988’s Akira (based on a manga series of the same name) is the kind of IP that you need to tread carefully with. Yesterday on Habitual Films I listed the live action remake as my top development hell languishing IP that I wanted to see finally make it to the big screen. (I apologize if I sound a bit ranty in this post.)

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Using dreams as inspiration whilst working on Displaced

Cindy (I've said before that I can't draw)...

I’ve talked before about Displaced invading my dreams, well last night it kinda happened again, but it wasn’t as scary as last time. This week has seen me complete the fourth draft of the first part of Displaced. In having to sure up an ending/cliff-hanger for the first part (I’ve had to split the third draft in two, for all intents and purposes), it’s meant that I’ve had to write new material to go with the two parts. Continue reading

What Would Charlie Sheen Do? – the Jonnie Marbles incident revisited in my head, in an alternate reality

Paul snapped this of me earlier this morning.

My hair was a little crazy whilst I was in the middle of getting dressed-drying my hair this morning. And I hadn’t drunk any coffee yet. Paul and I were, at the time, chatting about the now infamous shaving foam “pie” incident of yesterday in which Rupert Murdoch got only a fraction of what should really be heading his way: Continue reading

Did I like the ending of L.A. Noire?

Catharsis... was it there?

Alright, you should probably stop reading this right about now, because it’s chock full of spoilerness this blog post. Go on, hop it, I don’t want you complaining that I’ve spoiled things for you.

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