Re-jigging My Not So Fictional Life

The blog in its original set up using the Coraline theme

Whilst trying not to feel like the world was spinning around me today (I’ve got some weird vertigo thing going on) I had a look at my blog and thought – I’m tired of how it’s looked since October last year when I started it. Great. And at first I thought about just changing the header image, but then I realised that I was no longer really digging Coraline. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fab free theme, but it just wasn’t me any more.

Hunting through the themes available on here for free wasn’t really getting me anywhere at first though. Mostly because I was being stupid and not filtering results through aspects that I wanted the theme to have. When I realised that I wanted to make sure that it had things like at least one sidebar and a space for an image in the header – then I began to get somewhere. Finally, I settled on the Twenty Eleven theme.

The blog in its new set up using the Twenty Eleven theme

The new header image took the most time to sort out though. It’s probably the most taxing thing that I’ve ever done on Photoshop. Those who know me well, may notice the Cthulhu like tentacles sneaking into the picture on the left, whilst the red and blue flying saucer are meant to refer to my graphic novel Displaced (along with its logo). The cute little Moogle is there to represent my gaming side and fondness of cute things whilst Batman brings in the interest in games and comics. The image in the background is that piece of moss I killed my feet over trying to get a photo of in January. I wanted the blog to look a little zanier.

Speaking of Cthulhu, Paul and I shall be endeavouring to take our very own photo of the new Drummer statue on Lemon Quay, Truro – tomorrow – in order to add it to our collection of photo-manipulation “masterpieces”. Expect the results to be visible on here over the next week or so.


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