Just in case you were unsure – I didn’t hate the Green Lantern film


I don’t. Maybe in my look at Green Lantern last week it did sound as if I found the film to have hardly any merit.

But it is fun to watch. It is not as appalling as Transformers 2, but it’s not quite as good as the recent X-Men: First Class.

I can’t really watch anything these days without a part of my thought processes analysing the scriptwriting, direction and editing behind a text. I’ll occasionally dwell on the quality of the acting too.

Another part of me – at the same time – decides whether I’m having fun whilst watching the film or TV programme. The Green Lantern is fun to watch.

Yet you will get the sensation that chunks of exposition didn’t make it into the script or ended up on the proverbial cutting room floor (there’s no film involved, it is all digital hence “proverbial”). It truly feels like twenty minutes is missing from the film.

And I’ve heard rumours that this is the case – chunks of the film missing due to studio intervention. The film butchered for no apparently good reason.

I just hope a decent extended version is released in time for Xmas.

I’ll be reviewing the tie in game over the next week or so for BeefJack. Fun is what I hope for.


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