It’s weird watching a series on being broadcast on TV – at least now it is

Finally watching season 10 of Smallville via E4

Due to the fact that I don’t believe in watching illegal streams of TV series. So, I’ve yet to watch all of the final season of Smallville. This means that I’m now watching it on Tuesday nights when it airs on E4.

All fine, all good. However, waiting each week for a new episode has made me realise how much I’ve become use to being able to watch things when I want to and usually get through all of what I want to watch in a short space of time. The DVD boxset has certainly changed how I watch TV over the last ten years. Like watching the ’90s X-Men cartoon series during the previous week.

Legally streaming television and film in the UK is still not viable, at least where I live. Sure Cornwall is having parts of its internet connection infrastructure upgraded, but there’s yet to be any word on the area of Cornwall I live in. So, in the meantime I still rely on boxsets.

Yet what does this have to do with Smallville and E4? I’ve watched most of the seasons via DVD boxsets. Usually an entire season within the space of a week. So, having to wait for one episode a week is kind of weird. I decided not to wait for the boxset to come out this time, because I want to know how it all ends a bit sooner than if I was relying on the DVD version to come out.

And yes, I’ve been trying to avoid spoilers. And yes, I have a lot of DVD boxsets – but don’t worry I tend to rewatch them.


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