On joining a “local” Buff (R.A.O.B.) club in Cornwall


Unsure how this has happened, but Paul and I have joined one of the local Buff clubs. I think it has something to do with cheap drinks, free pool table and that Paul’s parents and middle brother became members this year.

I kept having flash backs whilst in the R.A.O.B. (Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes) club house in Penryn to the episodes of the Rugrats that dealt with a similar organisation. Not that I could remember the episodes that well. There were funny hats in the cartoon, I remember, and Tommy’s dad and grandad were members.

One of the first things I did was add the club to Foursquare.  I may be a little addicted to it now.

Whilst in the club I worked a bit more on splitting and redrafting Displaced. I’ve finally written an ending for the first part and just need to type edits to the rest of the first part and add on this new ending. Things now end a little violently at the end of the first part.

Why didn’t I play some games of pool? Well, I didn’t fancy being beaten by Paul repeatedly. He is that good.

Though the highlight of the evening was this random one eyed cat that decided to hang out in the building. It especially liked being by our table. Random cats are cool.


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