I dreamt about being in my own graphic novel last night, it was weird


Sunday saw me spend most of the day editing the third draft of Displaced into the fourth and properly deciding where to split it. I spent most of the day in my creation in order to write a new ending for the first part.

And I spent most of the night in it too. And in case you weren’t sure about whether Displaced is a graphic novel about happy, fluffy bunnies and kittens – refresh your storyline knowledge at the Displaced Facebook page.

Really it wasn’t a dream, more a nightmare. Also, I haven’t played Alan Wake for a while, so its influence on this experience was minimal.

Why a nightmare? Well I “lived” through the new ending for part 1. It involves a messy crash involving a prison van in a crowded London street. Eric crashes it whilst being transported for a bail hearing.

I’m fine with imaging fire, blood, screams and general devastation when I’m awake. Though I will imagine the smells too… I’d just prefer what I was writing didn’t follow me into my sleep.

Now as I approach my clients for the day I’m in a really weird mood. I don’t like seeing dead bodies in my sleep.

Oh well, at least it wasn’t a dream about zombies.


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