Birthday lists are depressing

Please don't judge me by my choice of reading material...

My Birthday is next month. Since for as long as I can remember, I’ve been producing lists of stuff that I would like for my Birthday or Christmas so that certain family members – mainly my parents – “knew” what to get me. I’d normally be producing a Birthday list around now, but this year… I don’t think I want to.

Sure there’s a couple of things that I wouldn’t mind having on my Birthday, but there’s nothing that I really, really want that can be given as a gift. So, this year for my Birthday, I don’t know what I want that my family can give to me.

And if mum happens to be reading this, “Sorry, but I don’t know what I want. If you still feel like buying me a gift you’ll have to decide what to buy for me.”

The last big present I got was at Christmas and was from Paul – a Kindle – which I hadn’t asked for anyway. I love it though and use it almost everyday.

Over the last month or so there were a couple of things that I mentioned to Paul that I wouldn’t mind having, but I don’t really feel like I stupidly want or need them. Mind you, Paul knows the kinds of things that I like, so he doesn’t usually need direction.



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