Looking ahead to the fourth meet up of the Truro Graphic Novel Group

The end of June will see the fourth meeting of the Truro Graphic Novel Group, which takes place in Truro Community Library the last Thursday of each month. We’re hoping for our largest group meet yet, so if you’ve got the afternoon free and you’re in the area – please do pop along.

There will be all manner of geeky¬†conversations¬†taking place, plus I’m planning on bringing some of my EXPO finds (graphic novels and comics) along, including Fetishman, John Constantine, Hellblazer: City of Demons¬†(not out in the UK yet), The Darkness II: Confession, Thackeray, Captain Baculum Episode One – Baculum Begins and Zombo. There will also be plenty of discussion about X-Men: First Class and the Green Lantern films.

And if we find the time, there will be some talk about the anthology the group is putting together. We haven’t quite got enough basic story ideas together yet, so if you’ve got a short comic story that could be told over the course of 5-10 pages then you may also want to make sure that you’re there for the meeting.

Oh, and yeah, I put that poster together. Actually went and found a tutorial on how to do speech bubbles in Photoshop – there was effort involved.


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