It makes no sense when they’re aren’t boxsets of old series readily available

Been watching the '90s animated series recently

I’ve been having a rather geeky time these last few days. This weekend saw me begin rewatching what DVDs I have of X-Men: The Animated Series, which originally aired during the 1990s. In the house we’ve got the first two seasons and plans to buy the rest in the near future. We’ve also got the first two seasons of Batman: The Animated Series.

Yet that last one won’t be easy to complete. The other three seasons have yet to to be given a proper DVD release here in the UK. Despite the potential cash cow that nostalgia buying of 1990s and early 2000s cartoon series present – there’s plenty of media corporations with the rights to these things that aren’t fussed about releasing them properly in the UK. I can understand why both of these series have readily available complete boxsets in the US – it’s where they came from after all – but surely the money lost to rights owners through piracy of such series means that it would make more sense to consistently release boxsets in most territories.

I’m pretty sure that beyond the one off payments needed to edit the series episodes together onto discs and getting them printed and shipped out to retailers – there’s not much more in the terms of costs. Okay, so royalties will be owed – but the companies behind these series, like Marvel or Warner. Bros and DC – surely they’d make a tidy profit too. Perhaps the only thing that could go overboard in outlay is the marketing and that’s only because a company may go to the wrong firm in the first place.

All I want – in terms of this – is to be able to legitimately watch old cartoon series such as Batman: The Animated Series, X-Men: Evolution, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, etc… I’m not going to resort to piracy to watch these (or Sky), but the studios involved should give fans, such as myself, in the UK who have got cash to spend on DVD or Blu-ray boxsets the product to buy in the first place.


Big thanks to Jamie Donnelly for pointing me towards this. It solves part of my nostalgia pangs.


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