Games really, really aren’t just for kids… or men

This is not a child minder

Accusations that parents leave videogames may be ringing a little hollow after this week saw research figures released that “only 18% of gamers are under 18“. In fact, this means that the parents are more likely to be the ones playing the games.

Admittedly the research is from the US, however it could ring quite true for other western countries too. I’m finding it interesting that 42% of gamers are female. Now, I kind of wish this could be used as a call to get making more “hardcore” games that appeal to a female audience, but there’s nothing about what genres the genders prefer.

Why do I care about hardcore games being made with female players in mind? Well, it’s mostly due to the comments made by a certain someone from Activision last year. Something about female characters not shifting games…

So, the next time someone like the ESA carries out research like this, could they at least find out what genres the genders are playing? Mind you, there are plenty of guys who like to play as female characters in games.


4 thoughts on “Games really, really aren’t just for kids… or men

    • Mirror’s Edge was published by EA. The top peeps at EA are perhaps a little more enlightened than certain people who head up Activision.

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