Messing around with Foursquare


What does a pint of Strongbow have to do with Foursquare? Well, I’m posting this from my local Wetherspoons, but as I got it in I felt compelled to check in via Foursquare.

I only started partaking in this geo tagging, social media induced activity today. I blame the seminar I went to last night about social media.

The seminar made it abundantly clear that using services such as Foursquare is a good way to increase foot fall into physical stores and increase sales through rewards. And considering that my main client is a retailer, I am now getting to the grips with this tech in order to best advise my client.

Businesses certainly have a great deal to benefit from services such as Foursquare. As well as giving a business a better idea of who visits their store, it offers a neat way to reward regular customers. Any business could utilise the service.

Now excuse me, as I need to start work on several Mayor bids…


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