I’m unsure about the ban on The Human Centipede II…

I first heard about the ban on The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) when someone put a link on Twitter to this Empire article on the ban yesterday. At first I thought the BBFC had made the right decision, I even said so on Twitter.

But today…

Today I worked on a preview piece on The Darkness II for BeefJack and the process of working my way through footage and other media coverage of this upcoming game made me rethink my attitude to The Human Centipede II’s outright ban by the BBFC. You see, The Darkness II is obviously heading towards an 18 rating from PEGI and maybe the BBFC.

Now, I’m pretty sure that plenty of the people who have been even more vocal about the ban on this second film would probably find The Darkness II pretty disgusting and appalling – something that society would need to be protected from. Yet, like the film it is a complete work of fiction and when presented as such, the reaction people will have to it will probably be different to if they were presented with something similar in real life.

The Darkness II is going to be pretty visceral

While it is an area that I don’t tend to trust research from, perhaps it’s time that some properly – scientific method following – done media effects research needs to be carried out, on those aged 18 and over. Said research also needs to be carried out by a neutral party – so, government funded with no interference from any religious or media organisations.

And, should this research actually find out that media texts of a certain graphic nature have the potential to pose a “genuine risk” to the public, then current strategies at the BBFC related to ratings and censorship should be changed accordingly… or should they?

I have to say that I’m getting more than a bit fed up with “the State” trying to regulate what I do with my body and mind. The whole “nanny state” mentality that we seem to operate within is certainly getting out of hand…

You know what? There’s no true simple quick fix solution to the issue of censorship in the UK. Though perhaps the easiest way to deal with it would be to allow adults to make their own choices and the only stuff that should be banned are media texts that depict actual, real world suffering for the sake of depicting suffering.

Owww, my head.


5 thoughts on “I’m unsure about the ban on The Human Centipede II…

  1. I’m on the fence on this one.

    On the one side, censorship is usually counter-productive. The people that really want to watch it will find a way regardless, while the people that didn’t want to watch it in the first place won’t whether it’s banned or not. Besides, it’s a media text, ergo it’s fictional and should be treated as such.

    But on the other hand, I have read the BBFC report on it. It sees it as more of a porn film than a psychological thriller – having the victims dehumanised and the villain “in it” for the sexual perversion. How many people would actually get off on it? Would this happen regardless of a ban though?…

    I’ve never seen the first one. Not sure if I want to. But then, just because I don’t, does that give me a vote in saying other people shouldn’t be allowed to?

  2. The BBFC is generally spot on with its ratings and there’s very few times it actually runs into hot water. It does however get extremely uppity when sexual gratification / perversion comes into account. They’d happily have hours of violence of the worst kind, but show someone getting off on it and you’d be smacked down.

    I’m yet to see Part 1, but a contrasting opinion across Empire and Total Film makes me want to make up my mind. One gave it a good score, the other not.

    This does however make me laugh – http://www.ultraculture.co.uk/7378-another-lengthy-essay-on-the-human-centipede-2-debate.htm

    • I suppose this is where the media effects research really needs to be done. They’re probably thinking, when it comes to media with sexual violence, that they don’t want to be giving material to a new generation of serial killers.

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