Working on fourth redraft of Displaced – my graphic novel


What will hopefully be the final redraft and touch of editing of Displaced’s script has begun. I bought a stack of mechanical pencils and am now working my way through the only physical copy of the third draft.

The fourth draft will see Displaced split into two parts, creating two graphic novels. This means I’ll need to write a “false ending” for the first half and a “false beginning” for the second half.

Another big change is that each piece of dialogue or caption is being carefully scrutinized to see if it can be made “pithier”. And also to do away with bits that state things unnecessarily.

I’m also combing through my descriptions to ensure that they make sense. And considering that I am just about to take a new artist on board, it’s probably for the best that I ensure that things are coherent.

Now please excuse me, I need to get back to making my notes…


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