Have survived London MCM EXPO

It took some doing, but we got there and back okay

This was the first truly large EXPO Paul and I had been to. Bristol was small fry compared to this, but had been a welcome warm up nonetheless.

I’ve got a few photos kicking about, but can’t access them at the moment and they’re nothing special. I think I spent most of my time at ExCel with this slightly overwhelmed feeling, which carried over as Paul and I made our way through London between the exhibition centre and the cousin’s house we were staying at in Sutton.

The good news is that Paul and I now fully understand how to use the Underground in conjunction with our Oyster cards. The bad news… well there isn’t really any.

I suspect Paul and I spent more than we should have at EXPO, but we’ll survive. I’ve still got two invoice payments due to me, so yeah. No big worries with the finances.

I think in the near future I will include some of the few photos we took plus a photo or two of the swag that we brought back down with us.

Oh, and on Sunday we ended up having lunch at the Thai Buddhist Temple in Wimbledon. Paul and I are still a little confused about how that happened, but we did get free lunch and a chance to look around the temple.


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