When a picture says a thousand words (via Habitual Films)

On Tuesday I decided to do a little post over at Habitual Films. It was inspired by the sudden habit of captioning images that I picked up. It gets a bit stuck in statistics, but does offer some handy advice on getting the balance right between dialogue and action. And the advice is all based on the one feature film script that I’ve written (and hope never sees the light of day again) and the one graphic novel I’ve written (and I hope that does see the light of day).

When a picture says a thousand words Today I downloaded some simple image manipulation software for my phone. What ensued was a burst of frenzied caption creation. (It’s still kind of going on, I’ve just run out of funny photos at the moment.) But it got me thinking about one of the more important aspects of scriptwriting – the balance between action and dialogue. Seriously, Hamlet length soliloquies are generally not accepted in scriptwriting… unless you’re a well established scr … Read More

via Habitual Films


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