Secretly digging: Let Them Talk – Hugh Laurie

Classed as a blues album, supposedly

Okay, I’m going to admit this right now, before Paul has a chance to add it in the comments – until I found out that this album of covers was coming out last week, I didn’t realise that Hugh Laurie was actually capable of playing musical instruments. I’d seen him prancing about my screen with musical intent during episodes of House, but it hadn’t clicked that he was playing for real.

Regardless, Let Them Talk has made for a welcome respite from my usual metal focused listening interests. Sure, the album is full of covers, but they’re all very well done and the collaborations really shine through.

In terms of the usual issue of music sparking off my creativity, this has been making me think more about the idea that I want to contribute to the Truro Library Graphic Novel Readers and Writers Group anthology. May mention that during the meeting that should be taking place next week.

Getting back to this album, the mixture of chosen tracks is really nice. You’ve got some slow tunes and then things pick up to a faster beat just when you need it. Kind of like good sex.

Bought two copies of the CD last week. One for my Dad – for his Birthday – the other for me. Have already got in on my MP3 player.


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