Place name deja vu when reading Salem’s Lot


It’s really weird, the feelings I get from reading Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot whenever place names are mentioned. Because the novel is mainly set in New England, if you’re a native to Britain, then the place names can seem a bit deja vu.

It seems that Stephen King just happened to set up a fictional town in an area that has a Falmouth near by. Now unlike many British place names that are still in use in the US, it’s the Cornish ones that always stand out when I see or hear them mentioned in an American context.

Cornish place names, unlike so many ones in use North of the Tamar, don’t tend to be repeated outside of Cornwall in England. So many place names native to Cornwall are in use in parts of the US, though, that you’d think I’d be use to encountering them in media texts by now.

But I’m really not. And in the case of King’s Salem’s Lot it gets even weirder when one of the characters recounts a vampire tale that is set in the Cornwall in the UK.

Of course it is only natural that King has, over the years, set so much of his fiction in Maine as that is one of the areas that he grew up in.

Anyway, enough of my rambling for now. I think I’ll read a bit more Salem’s Lot on my Kindle later tonight. Have almost finished it now. Almost…


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