A little nervous about Bristol International Comic and Small Press Expo

Ten days until I get the train to Bristol

The Bristol International Comic and Small Press Expo will be the first convention I have ever been to. And I’m going to it with the aim of pitching Displaced to a few small publishers…

Maybe a little nervous is an understatement.

I’m off to the printers later to see about finally ordering my business cards for next week (after having them review the design). And I’ll probably be there again in less than a week’s time asking them to print off sample artwork, synopsis/outlines, sample chapters and a couple of full bound copies of the actual full version of Displaced.

And before I go to Expo, I’m planning on having a working FB page up for the graphic so that people can oogle at art work and the such like. Obviously once that’s sorted I’ll be linking to it here and everywhere.

There’s about five publishers, who after looking at their websites, it may be worth me approaching at the Expo to see if they would be interested in the graphic novel if it was to be fully illustrated. After all, I don’t see much point in asking my artists to do all of the art work for a 250 pages plus graphic novel, only to be told that it needs some serious further editing, despite Paul’s and mine’s best efforts.

Currently, I am unsure what my stomach will be doing on the train up to the Expo. I think I’m going to have to dig out some motion sickness pills and take those. Nervous butterflies and travel sickness can’t be a great combination, I’m sure.


6 thoughts on “A little nervous about Bristol International Comic and Small Press Expo

  1. Do not panic about the Expo. You will be excited as punch for about the first 10 minutes and then after you have walked around it once you will begin to feel just a tad bored.
    The artists are there because they have been paid to sit and draw, (and then some of them dare to charge).
    Then you have the comic book retailers. These guys and gals have paid £150+ per table and usually have at least 2 or 3 of them. This means they have to clear £450+ profit to draw evens on the weekend. Add travel costs, maybe paying expenses for those helping out and they might just clear some money come late Sunday Afternoon. They are there to sell, not buy (and very rarely do they want to talk to much about comics because its what they do every day of the week already).
    Then there are the smaller Indi-s who are trying to sell a book they’ve self published. The truth is that the vast majority of people walking through the door are going to want to buy old Marvel/DC issues to complete their collection or maybe buy some original art. As such the Indi-s get a raw deal but that said, it only takes a few genuinely nice people to take a second to pay interest in your work and the word of mouth begins to spread.
    So, be prepared to be a bit bored, be prepared to stand inline for 3 hours to get a sketch, take your own food and drink, take a roll of toilet paper because the place runs out quick.
    I haven’t checked with Mike, (who runs the event), yet but I’d imagine there is an industry/retailers meeting as usual on the Friday afternoon. This is usually worth going to so if you want I can see if I can get you a pass.
    For me, its usually a chore rather than a joy to attend, (must get my arse over to the Barcelona comic festival one of these days).


    Stop panicking!

    • Unfortunately, I won’t be getting up to Bristol until just before 10pm Friday evening.

      I have checked who I want to talk to though (three definites and two maybes). All three definites are currently accepting submissions and are happy with graphic novels.

      Thanks for the tips though, especially the bit about the toilet roll.

  2. If you don’t see me, look for a man who resembles the conductor off “On the Buses”. Lanky git hitting 50, speaks with a cockney accent, bores you senseless about his days when he was David Bowie’s tour diarist. A more miserable bugger on this planet we haven’t seen, (still trying to work out how he ended up being the best man at my wedding).
    His name is Dave Currie and he will be at the American Dream Comics table.

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