An atheist blogmap – oooooh, how handy

So an atheist blogger in the US has come up with the neat idea of starting an atheist/secularist/humanist bloggers map. Now if – like me – you lean towards that way of thinking and you run a blog that reflects that from time to time, then why not head on over to cryptonaut-in-exile and put your blog forward to be included.

The full atheist blogmap is slowly growing. If you go to the large view, you’ll see me and one other blogger representing the UK at the time of posting this. But it’s quite easy to get your blog added and Chris – who’s running it – is pretty prompt in putting new entries up.

As yesterday was Easter Sunday, it meant a slightly torturous ordeal of meeting up with Christian family members for a BBQ and smiling through gritted teeth whenever they said “Happy Easter”. I really couldn’t bring myself to give the same reply, and I think the phrase “Happy Holiday” may have slipped through my lips a couple of times…


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