Drowning in Bank Holidays


Rant alert.

The overwhelming number of Bank Holidays that will be taking place in the UK over the next ten days or so will be of no benefit to me. Being self employed means that if I don’t do work on the days that I normally would I’d loose over £200 of my earnings for April.

I don’t get holiday pay. I’m fine with this. What I’m not fine with is having so many Bank Holidays in such short succession.

Even as an atheist I can handle the country almost be brought to a stop due to the Christian “celebrations” that are taking place. It’s cool, I’ve had to put up with it since I was a kid.

It’s the Royal Wedding between Will and Kate next Friday that’s pissing me off. What I want to know is why they couldn’t have gotten married in late June/early July. Thus spreading out the two extra Bank Holidays my blasted country is getting.

And it’s not just self employed atheists who are being inconvenienced. The nation’s students across more than three levels of education are having important pre-exam in-class revision time fudged up by these extra Bank Holiday days.

Couldn’t we at least think of the school kids, further education students and higher education students?

Oh, I heard that there might be some royal birthdays on during July and similar affairs – that those sorts of dates may cause some kind of conflict with having the wedding then. I’m sorry, but messing up the schedules of a few people from one family is better than messing up the revision schedules of thousands of people.

If you’re going to inconvenience a nation for some arbitrary ceremony – pick a better date.

Rant over.


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