Attack of the makeup



As previously mentioned, I fudged my feet up recently and have been living in flip flops. I’ve been painting my toe nails to keep my spirits up. However, the nice Cornish weather has made me feel inclined towards funky colours…

And breaking out some Barry M lipgloss. The bubblegum pink number I’m wearing in the pic has impressed me greatly. Normally I hardly wear makeup, but these last few days I’ve been finding the weather has been drying out my lips.

Usually a smearing of Vaseline makes everything fine, but not this week. So today I bought some gloss and tried that instead. It’s an outrageous colour, because I love bright colours.

Has the gloss gamble paid off? My lips feel softer and better conditioned… and not like they’re going to dry out in ten seconds after applying the stuff.

Due to not growing up as a girlish type of girl, the secrets of lipgloss was an area that I knew nothing about. But it does have its uses it seems.

The nail polish is a Rimmel London number – Azure.


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