Setting deadlines for Displaced artwork

Paul said to me yesterday that I need to get use to the idea that at the moment, because I’ve finished writing Displaced (until someone says otherwise), that I’ve become its project manager  until (hopefully) it picks up a publisher. This sage advice was given after I met up with the two illustrators who will be supplying some sample pages and cover artwork for the graphic novel.

With the editorial work that I was previously involved with at BeefJack, I know it can be difficult to set people workable deadlines. But I managed to negotiate a series of dates for stuff to be done by. We all tried to set realistic goals that we can get sorted before the pair of them head off to New York, and me to Bristol International Comics Expo.

I’ll be doing a bit of creative stuff for this as I plan to do a front cover mock up using one of the splash page samples that should be produced. This means messing around with InDesign, which I have done before when I was putting together my funeral book. The same splash page is also a bit of a research nightmare, as one of the team has taken on the task of designing an alien alphabet, which is scribbled over large sections of the page.

Ah well, at least we got to meet up in Falmouth, Cornwall during very nice weather. Mmmmm, ice cream.


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