I’m suffering from a Stephen King invasion

I seem to be obsessed with creepy things lately...

It started with The Dead Zone, which I have not only finished reading in the last week, but have also re-watched the film adaptation of. Not long after finishing the novel, which had been a paperback copy, I had a look on the Kindle store for more Stephen King novels.

Why wasn’t The Dead Zone on my Kindle? Because – if I remember rightly – Stephen King novels in and around Christmas last year were being priced more than the paperback versions by their publisher and that’s why I bought the paperback version of the novel. However, since then, Hodder – who appear to have publishing rights in the UK for much of King’s back uncatalogued at the moment – have made the sensible choice of setting the e-book versions of King’s novels below the R.R.P. of the hard copy versions.

And so I ended up buying three more Stephen King novels from Paul’s parents’ sofa as I dealt with the “mild” food poisoning I had after the funeral last week. I bought Salem’s Lot, Insomnia and Pet Sematary. Unlike The Shining (it’s been in The Backlog for a while), which I have in paperback, I’m finding it a lot easier and more enjoyable to read Salem’s Lot. I haven’t started the other two yet.

Of course, as I mentioned yesterday, I’m wading through some classic Stephen King whilst spending much of my free time this past week working my way through Alan Wake. Lots of creepy stuff has leaked into my free time.

It’s a good thing I don’t write creepy fiction… oh, no wait, I do. Displaced is anything but bunnies and rainbows, and all this Stephen King reading caused me to break out my laptop last night and begin writing what may well be a horror story about a trip to Cornwall. The idea had been sitting in the back of my head for a week and has caused substantial note-taking in my current notebook.


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