The Usual Suspects (Final Fantasy plushie love)


Today sees another post about friends. Yesterday, I met up with the same group of people responsible for the Cthulhu crotch plus a few more on the side.

These on the side peeps had a surprise for Paul and me: our very own Tonberry plushie. Brought all the way from a comic book shop that had been in the vicinity of the recent Wrestle Mania in the US.

I may act like a tough young women a lot of the time, but I do love my plushies and cuddly toys. As you can see from the above photo, the Tonberry has joined ranks with our Moogle and Chocobo (which was also a gift from the US a few years ago, from the same friends).

I have to say that plushies are some of my most favourite things of geekiness.

Thanks guys šŸ™‚


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