Ripe for a remake – The Dead Zone (via Habitual Films)

Yesterday, Paul asked me to write about why I think The Dead Zone should be re-adapted by Hollywood. It was mostly a consideration of the film made in 1983, diected by David Cronenberg and starring Christopher Walken. I was asked as I had recently read the novel and found that it could certainly be given a fresh portrayal on the big screen.

As to those who have since mentioned the TV series to me: I never liked the TV series as it moved away from the notion that Johnny Smith didn’t like his gift, as was especially seen in the novel. So the TV series’s formula of a “solve the crime of the week” doesn’t keep in with King’s original vision enough and to me is not as dramatically interesting.

Ripe for a remake - The Dead Zone Emily here, Paul’s allowed me to write a post for him, so here we go. This week I finished reading The Dead Zone by Stephen King. Having previously watched the film adaptation some time ago, ya know, the one that was directed by David Cronenberg and starred Christopher Walken as the protagonist John “Johnny” Smith, as I read the novel I could not stop myself from thinking, “This could so be ada … Read More

via Habitual Films


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