Second meet up of Truro Graphic Novel Group went well


This Thursday saw the second meet up of the group. Things went quite well.

We all agreed that the new Thor film was pretty awesome – so a good start there. I had a moan about The Walking Dead – I haven’t been enjoying it that much.

We all got distracted by a picture in Superman/Batman: Big Noise. It’s the page Paul is holding up in the photo at the top. I’ve got a close up shot of the splash page to go with a Cthulhu related post next week.

One main area of discussion was the anthology of short stories in graphic novel form that the group is hoping to put together. So far we have three ideas based around the theme of “bizarre Cornwall”, one involves alien technology, another ghosts and one takes an interesting look at the county’s libraries…

Three of us at this month’s meet are off to the Bristol International Comic Expo next month, so we plan to bring along some pics and stuff from that for May’s meeting. Whether or not there will be Pocky remains to be seen.


“The Royal Wedding = a perfect time for a zombie apocalypse to occur unchecked. We must remain vigilant!”

Such was my pronouncement this morning. You know that whole “be aware of zombies this year” alternative New Year message thing I did at the end of last year? Well, in the UK it now is one of those times when we need to be extra vigilant in stopping the dead from rising.

The previous four day bank holiday is nothing compared to threat of the one we are about to enter. This time round we have a Royal Wedding to distract us from our duties. And more of an excuse to consume large amounts of alcoholic beverages.

Ummmm, brains...

No one wants to fall victim to the undead under the cover of bunting. NO ONE!

Yes, it is up to us – the plebs of Britain – to ensure that we don’t all become three course meals for wandering corpses. Remember to:

  1. Not drink more than a pint or two in a sitting.
  2. Make sure you don’t put infected meat on the BBQ.
  3. If you find yourself covered in BBQ sauce, wipe it off immediately.
  4. The difference between a drunk person and a zombie is that the zombie won’t keep asking for beer.
  5. Keep an eye out for monkeys and don’t approach them if you see any.

Together, we can stay alive this Royal Wedding Bank Holiday by maintaining constant vigilance!

P.S. This zombie Royal Wedding game might be good training.

Is there any point to making 3D versions of films? (via Habitual Films)

Paul was too busy to do a post for his blog yesterday (he’d been having “fun” with trying to grab some footage off his Canon HG10 onto his PC), so he asked me to write one instead. In case you can’t be bothered to head on over to Habitual Films (and would you not want to? I managed to get a Bill Hicks clip in), here’s the Cliff notes:

“Really, there is no point in 3D for films except to justify it as a USP.”

Still, probably best to go and read the blog post, eh? And just to clarify, I’ll be watching Thor today (it is Orange Wednesday after all).

Is there any point to making 3D versions of films? Tomorrow, Paul, my mum, my middle brother and I will be off to see Thor… in 3D. Now apart from the issue that everyone in our party of cinema goers, except for me, does not have stellar eyesight and has to wear glasses or contact lenses in order to watch anything (and in the case of my mum, can’t see a thing without h … Read More

via Habitual Films

Second Truro Library Graphic Novel Readers and Writers’ Group meeting Thursday 28th April

'Cause I ended up watching Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back the other day (have actually read it)

That’s right: Truro Library will yet again be playing host to its newly formed Graphic Novel Readers and Writers’ Group on Thursday 28th April at 2pm in the conference room on the first floor. The first one happened last month. Those who appeared during the first meeting know what to expect, but we’re still looking for more people to come and have a chin wag about graphic novels, comics and their adaptations.

We don’t care if you’ve read anything recently, all we’re after are people who just love the genre. Heck, if you prefer manga, we’d be equally as happy to see you there.

A bunch of us at the meeting will be off to Bristol International Comic Expo next month. So if you want to talk about that or arrange meetings for up at the convention, you’re also welcome to pop along to sort out those social things.

‘Course if you have managed to read some graphic novels or comics recently or have watched the likes of Sucker Punch, The Walking Dead or Thor – then we’re definitely up to hearing you praise them or vent your spleen on them. We’re all ears.

An atheist blogmap – oooooh, how handy

So an atheist blogger in the US has come up with the neat idea of starting an atheist/secularist/humanist bloggers map. Now if – like me – you lean towards that way of thinking and you run a blog that reflects that from time to time, then why not head on over to cryptonaut-in-exile and put your blog forward to be included.

The full atheist blogmap is slowly growing. If you go to the large view, you’ll see me and one other blogger representing the UK at the time of posting this. But it’s quite easy to get your blog added and Chris – who’s running it – is pretty prompt in putting new entries up.

As yesterday was Easter Sunday, it meant a slightly torturous ordeal of meeting up with Christian family members for a BBQ and smiling through gritted teeth whenever they said “Happy Easter”. I really couldn’t bring myself to give the same reply, and I think the phrase “Happy Holiday” may have slipped through my lips a couple of times…