Wacky conversations lead to wacky super geeky t-shirts



Last Sunday, a simple crazy bit of posting on Facebook between friends led to the creation of the above t-shirt. A conversation that had involved Paul “complaining” about being Poked by five women over Facebook evolved into a warning about the dangers of Superman 64.

The letters glow in the dark. Paul coined the phrase. And I’ve been told by several people that I must wear it to Bristol International Comic Expo. I am of course, happy to oblige.

For those not in the know, Superman 64 (technically it was just called Superman) is often held up as one of the worst games ever made. It was originally released on the N64 in 1999. It is so badly regarded mainly due to there being an alarming number of problems with the game both technically and in terms of content too.

To have likened the game to STDs is not a giant leap due to how truly awful the game was.


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