Third draft of DISPLACED completed


What does a Starbucks Strawberries & Cream monster got to do with me completing the third draft of my graphic novel “Displaced”? Err, I’ll get to that in a bit.

Last night saw me finishing the third draft of Displaced with about as much fanfare as a dog that realizes that it can lick its own balls. It was never a question of whether I was capable of finishing it, more whether it would still be a coherent narrative by the end of the drafting process.

Apart from typos that I suspect are lurking somewhere in the 233 pages that it runs to, I think this third draft may well be the final draft. Now it’s a matter of my artist and colourist seeing what they can cook up in terms of concept art so that I’ve got something to take with me to Bristol International Comic Expo other than a synopsis and sample script pages.

Paul suggested yesterday that we should get some t-shirts made up before the expo, if we can, featuring some of the art from the comic. Though before I even seriously consider that, I need to design and get printed some business cards for myself. Got a robot themed design I’ve been playing around with that may work.

And so how are the monster creme drink and the third draft linked? It’s my victory treat for completing the third draft. It’s also a cheer me up treat after I wrecked my feet earlier and had to see a nurse to get my blisters dressed. I’m going to be wearing flip flops for a while…


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