So, what did I put Gran down as for the census?

A look at the results of the survey

On Friday, I asked for some suggestions as to what to put my Gran down as on the 2011 Census. This was due to the fact that her memory just ain’t what it use to be and she was having difficulties remembering her last occupation.

I tried looking for advice on the official website for the Census, even rang their stupid hotline, but could find no advice for how to deal with this. Hence turning to the net.

So, apart from the responses shown in the screen shot above, what else did people suggest? Well, here’s what I got in the “Other” field:

  1. Pilot
  2. SpaceMarine
  3. Ninja Pirate
  4. Batman!
  5. Freelance Subversive (27B/6)
  6. Rasputin, the mad monk
  7. Outer space disk jockey
  8. Solid Gold Former Human Lazy Susan
  9. Prime Minister
  10. Towel fuzzler
  11. Counter-counter-counter-spy
  12. Jason Bourne’s Mom – she, too, has had her brain wiped to protect State Secrets

Now I told my Gran about some of the responses and she really liked the idea of being put down as “Batman!” for her past occupation, but in the end she asked me to leave all that stuff blank and make sure I ticked the “Retired” box. So, I decided to respect her wishes.

Of course if the Census collectors come a calling asking for this missing info I will, quite frankly, ask them to go and talk to the Department for Work and Pensions. They probably have a better idea than any of the family these days.


5 thoughts on “So, what did I put Gran down as for the census?

  1. True, that!
    Bless her heart! (That’s Gran’s heart btw, not Mabel’s. Although I have nothing against Mabel. In fact I quite like her. Oh, go on then, bless Mabel’s heart as well, but nobody elses, okay?!)
    I haven’t been drinking, honestly.

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