Please clean your s**t up





As I walked home today due to it being such nice weather, (and nothing to do with the fact that my local bus company now thinks it’s okay to charge £2.50 return between two places that are less than three miles apart), I came across a slight predicament. Well, it wasn’t a predicament, more a test of my balance skills than anything else.

I ended up tip-toeing through manure, because a farm – beside the footpath I use to go to and from town – decided that such nice weather meant it was a great time for muck spreading. Cue me doing my best not to get cow pat remains on my trainers.

I want to say that you’d never have this problem in London, but the truth is that you’d probably have to tip-toe through something that’s much worse should you have to navigate thirty metres of crap. Ewww.


7 thoughts on “Please clean your s**t up

    • It does a bit. I’ve sent an e-mail to the parish council responsible for the path, but I doubt anything will happen to the mess before I have to walk along there tomorrow to reach a client.

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