Displaced update

Look to the Skies is now Displaced

So I’ve had a busy day in regards to my graphic novel Displaced. A very busy day.

A super busy day.

The kind of busy day where you spend about 2 hours in a meeting with people you’ve never met before, but hope that they have the same kind of enthusiasm as you do about comics, graphic novels and most importantly SF. Yeah, the meeting on Displaced I mentioned yesterday has happened.

Walking in, I thought I was going to end up with just one illustrator/artist. However, half-way through it was apparent that the artistic talents of the two wonderful people I was talking to would balance and compliment each other in such a way that I needed one for the drawing and one for the colouring. They’re both in their final year on the same course at UCF, so they’ve got a good situation in which to collaborate with each other.

This now means that I will be sending them a third draft of the script a week on a Sunday, along with some character profiles for the characters that I would like some concept art for. If all goes to plan, I’ll have some artwork to go along with the script samples when I go to a comics convention in May.


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