FXU President Elections and Jenifer ‘Mabel’ Slattery

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When I attended University College Falmouth for both my degree and my masters, I never voted in the student union elections there. I could never quite believe in the candidates that would run for the various positions at FXU. Of course now that I am an alumni, and quite typically in terms of quirks of fate ‘un all, someone I would vote for is running for FXU Falmouth President.

That someone is Jenifer ‘Mabel’ Slattery. Author of A Sacred Mongoose Blog, comedian, writer and student at UCF.

A Cornish lass, we both went to the same secondary school (Richard Lander, but I was several years above her) and became good friends whilst going to (as it was called back then) Environment Club. And I would say that it was at this club -where we picked up litter, painted walls, went on trips to the Eden Project and generally had a fun time – that Jenifer’s capacity to care for other’s beyond herself and her own little world was formed.

I might not be able to vote for her in the upcoming elections, and you may not be able to either, but if you’re a resident in Cornwall and worry about the impact of the student population in Penryn and Falmouth, then you should show your support for Jenifer. Jenifer is the kind of young woman who understands the varying dynamics between the students of UCF and how they interact with the people who live in the local area. After all, she’s local herself.

Show your support for Jenifer ‘Mabel’ Slattery and say “I’m Attending” on this Facebook event page for Vote JENIFER ‘MABEL’ SLATTERY for UCF President! And if you are a student at Tremough or Woodlane, then I suggest you vote for her in the coming elections as well as saying you’re attending, because she genuinely wants to make things better for you.

Check out her manifesto here. Details on the elections and the other candidates can be found on the FXU site.


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