I’d rather not have a bank holiday for St George’s Day

Oh please...

Or a Trafalgar Day. Or a UK Day. Keep May Day and properly celebrate it as a day for workers, especially those performing crap jobs that need the support, because their job is the shittiest imaginable and if they weren’t doing it, no one else would.

This whole extending the tourism season to part way through October is also a dumb idea. I’m not sure if anyone has noticed, but the UK rarely has Indian Summers and so the weather in October is overall quite crap.

If the government wants something to celebrate, how about the Representation of the People (Equal Franchise) Act 1928 , which finally gave women the full same democratic rights as men at that time. Y’know, properly acknowledge the work of the suffragettes. Or a day celebrating equality in general and human rights.

I find the idea of having a day about a man killing a fictional creature, i.e. dragon, rather ridiculous. If any dragon was killed back-in-the-day, it was probably two men dressed in a costume who got a rather nasty surprise when one got slashed in half. ‘Course George probably didn’t admit that the head ran off at the time.

And if we’re going to have a day celebrating a war, why not a proper Veteran’s Day that people get off. Or a proper Bank Holiday for celebrating both V.E. Day and V. J. Day.

Fictional dragons and long dead admirals have no place in today’s world. They really, really don’t.


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