How I knit


As I continue work on the blanket, I continue to work on watching all of those TV series and films that I’ve got backing up on my shelves. It’s how I knit.

This week has seen me finally finish watching all of the new Battlestar Galactica. What did I think of it in the end? I think it’s obvious that the final season was rushed once the series was given its marching orders.

Now I’m watching the third season of Californication, and rewatching Bleach season one as well.

Californication is my way of handling my small David Duchovny obsession. Paul understands.

Sure it’s not true multitasking (’cause such a thing does not exist), but I still get to experience a lot of what ends up on the screen. Of course when those “action” scenes happen I do turn away from my knitting for just a bit.


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