Please Prince Charles, get your grubby paws off of our county

Well, I say paws...

Or at least stop abusing your power by trying to influence planning decisions in the county. Oh, and please stop trying to plaster your pastiche nightmare building designs in Cornwall. Seriously, you have no sense of style.

And the design that your lot have put forward for that Waitrose in Truro, is a fecking joke. It doesn’t fit in with the locality at all and looks about as environmentally friendly as a coal fired power station.

(Looking towards Newquay…) And if you want to get plans through planning, actually bother to keep in playgrounds and a decent amount of affordable housing.

Ah, but what’s an acceptable form of design? Anything but what your bloody architects keep dreaming up. And I’m not too worried about keeping in with the styles already present in a local area, I just don’t want to see pieces of pastiche littering the countryside. Fake Irish pubs are bad enough.

Wondering what the “Truro Eastern District Centre for Cornish Food” will look like? See this:

Click on image for larger view.

Cornwall’s Duchy status really does only seem to be acknowledge for the benefit of the Royal Family and never for the people who actually live here.

Rant over. For now.


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