Truro Library is putting together a Graphic Novel Readers and Writers group

Join us!

It’s true I tells ye. I even had a meeting with a kind woman who works at Truro Library who would like to see this group formed as there are plenty of people in the area who read the graphic novels and the manga titles on offer through Cornwall’s libraries.

The plan is to make it more than just a reading group. So, not only would discussions of the genre and particular titles take place, but it would also look at adaptations of graphic novels to other mediums. Eventually, the hope is that the group will use its collective talent and creativity, along with the Mac suite at Truro Library, to create its own graphic novel.

Interested? Well you could post something on the Truro Community Library Project Facebook page to say so. At the moment, it is hoped that the group will meet once on a month on every third Thursday in the afternoon and it’s looking to start either this month or next month.

There are currently a couple of people interested, including myself and a friend, but ideally the group would have at least eight people to be a part of it. So, if you like graphic novels or comics and can make it to Truro Library in the afternoon on the third Thursday of every month – WE WANT YOU!

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