Anniversary stuff

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Saturday saw Paul and me celebrate our seventh anniversary in style: we hit up our local bowling alley – Truro Bowl – with a bunch of mates. What, you were expecting a romantic candlelit dinner for two? Fudge that.

I managed to beat Paul for the second year running. We went bowling for our anniversary last year, but it was just us and three closely bowled games then.

This time round it was us with six mates, two on the side lines, and a heck of a lot of slush puppies doing the rounds. And we all had fun. Lots of fun. And lots of hugs too.

I may not have won overall, but I just wanted to beat Paul. It’s probably revenge for all those times he’s beaten me on GoldenEye on the N64. Seriously, you do not want to play against him on GoldenEye, he’s lethal to your avatar.

After bowling we had all had food at the alley. I ordered steak. This was mainly due to a disappointing bowl of chilli I recently had at a staff party for Paul’s work. Everyone else at that previous party had steak in some form. My main thoughts were, “I don’t want to be feeling left out again.”

There were thoughts of going to a local pub or bar after we’d finish eating and several people finished playing a round or two of Magic: The Gathering. The desire to go into any pubs or clubs in Truro that Saturday night were quickly abandoned after we walked into the centre of town. Every one other than our group of people were drunk-staggering-slack mouthed-loud-agro spouting-twits who would be set to ruin our night if we tried to get in anywhere.

Until Saturday night, I had not realised how disgustingly horrible it is to walk about Truro after 9pm on a Saturday. It truly was unpleasant.

In the end we all finished the night by nipping to Tesco to pick up some alcohol and snacks before they closed, and then headed our separate ways. Well, I say separate, we did drag a couple of people back to play some games at ours.


2 thoughts on “Anniversary stuff

    • I admit that I’d like to go there more than a couple of times a year. The bad news is that the alley we went to does not figure into new development plans for Truro, from what I heard, and so if that part of Truro is redeveloped we could very well be left without a bowling alley there. Other than going to the cinema, it is pretty much one of the few things to do in the city that isn’t shopping, drinking or for interested tourists.

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