Avenue Q was good

Trekkie Monster has a good understanding of how global markets work

This is just going to be a brief blog post. What with all that has been going on, see this post on caring for that, this week has been a long slog. And I’ve still got the weekend to survive.

Like the title says, Avenue Q was good. It was the first time Paul had seen a live production that wasn’t a panto in some dodgy pub, and he enjoyed his Christmas present that he was finally able to experience on Tuesday at the Hall for Cornwall in Truro.

What was scary about this musical though, was how much of it reflected my experiences of being a graduate with a degree in English with Media Studies. While there are similarities, I did have more real world work experience than the character of Princeton when I graduated from university. The reason I had a hard time getting a job in Cornwall, as I see it, was more down to a bizarre form of educational snobbery amongst the county’s retail sector compared to anything else.

Anyway, this is a damn good musical. We had fun. We ate ice cream during the interval (Thorntons Triple Chocolate). And we’re thinking about buying the soundtrack, which is always a good sign.


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