Would you join my tribe?


In a manner of speaking of course. It’s just… I find David Cameron’s desire, and that of the Conservatives at large (it seems), to see public services provided by private entities or charities as a rather crap move.

There’s the usual lies (I’m too young to remember this directly) that seem very familiar to the last round of Tory led privatisation hyperbole. And it has left me thinking (like other people) what will the point in our government be if it and local authorities are no longer directly in charge of, or responsible for, services for the public.

I think there are two things  that I fear about privatisation: excessive cost and lack of accountability. As especially seen by the PFI mess for “public” buildings.

But I want to take this whole situation to its extreme: if the government wants to wash its hands of the responsibility of providing for the people, we should tell them to get stuffed. Then we should stop paying them taxes, reclaim “the land” (privately owned land is still the state’s somewhere down the line), form tribes and start providing for ourselves again…

Yep, that’s my dosed up, cold addled mind talking. But being in absolute control of every aspect of my life does have a certain draw, to me. And you all don’t have to help me form a new tribe, but let me know if you want to.

If the Conservatives want privatisation, real privatisation, then maybe they should forget having anyone to rule over. I don’t want to be in their tribe.

Now would my tribe use AV to make all the important decisions? Well, when one’s choices are between a giant douche, a turd sandwich or athletes foot it does help to rate the level of unpleasantness of your options, from least to worst.

1. Giant Douche
2. Athletes Foot
3. Turd Sandwich
(In case you were wondering.)


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