Could we have some actual local news please


I am surprised by the peachy picture of Truro’s retail environment painted in this article. Especially when you consider that the premises In2 Connections and Flowers previously occupied is still empty.

In fact within a hundred metres, or so, of its former place of business, there are at least four empty business units. Oh, and a women’s clothing shop busy about the business of closing down on the day this edition of the West Briton went on sale.

And this is without considering the many other units in Truro that are currently empty.

In the future, could your reporters stick to reality just a tad more? Please?

Yeah that was the e-mail I sent in reply to the article pictured above, which was in my local weekly paper, the West Briton, last week.

Why am I posting it here? Because I doubt it’ll be printed. Or it might be heavily edited.


2 thoughts on “Could we have some actual local news please

  1. Hi Emily,

    We don’t seem to have anything here – drop me an email and I’ll make sure someting goes in for you.

    Kind regards,

    Gareth Bartlett
    The West Briton

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