Graphic novel update #2

Look to the Skies has a new title

It’s taken him almost two months, but Paul has finally finished reading through the second draft of Look to the Skies. And as I begin the redrafting process to create the third draft, I have finally thought up a far more concise title that speaks more of the main theme that runs through the graphic novel. Let me introduce you to: Displaced.

The feedback I have had from Paul has been quite encouraging. He is someone I can trust to dole out constructive criticism where needed, as well as keeping an eye out for typos along with checking for general clarity. To quote one of his less technical feedback notes:

Overall, a compelling story. Where there isn’t action there’s mystery and when there isn’t mystery there’s action.

Most people who have been given anything related to my graphic novel have only seen the first draft so far. I am now beginning the third draft.

I am still looking for at least someone to create some concept art, send me a message via Ek Creations or leave a comment here if you can help me or know someone who can. I especially want to hear from you if you’re based in Cornwall or Devon (makes it easier to talk about things over coffee, what with me being based in Cornwall ‘un all).


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