Haven’t been out on a Saturday in ages




Seriously. I may like playing videogames loads, but spending time with friends is even better.

Today has involved a trip on a train down to Falmouth. Sure we could have all met in Truro, but I fancied a change of scene.

Why didn’t Paul and I go out before? It’s taken a while for us to have a stable income and thus acknowledge that free Saturdays are best spent with friends.

Also meant that we’ve been able to go to Loading for the first time. My inner gamer geek is loving the fusion of games consoles, music, drinks and food. Combing games and friends is a brilliant way to spend one’s time.

And I’ve managed to pick up a new knit kit from a local shop for about £22. Considering that my local knitting supplier doesn’t sell packs, and getting the materials to make a jumper from there would cost about £60.

Yeah, I put this together whilst in Loading. Free wi-fi rules.


3 thoughts on “Haven’t been out on a Saturday in ages

  1. I love loading… went in there recently with some people who’ve probably never touched a 360 , it’s one of the few places that sells coke in bottles which is awesome and with spotify we Bowied, Iggyed and hendrixed it up 🙂 A great way to kill an hour or two

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