Zombie Larp Cornwall

Prepare to fight the undead!

Not only does Penryn have to deal with the wrath of Captain Looks this year, but next month sees the first zombie LARP to hit Cornwall. ZOMBIE LARP! This is being organised by Zombie Larp Cornwall.

(LARP/larp stands for: Live Action Role-Playing, in case you were wondering.)

Taking place during one blood curdling evening on 12th March at Raze the Roof in Penryn (my friends are turning an indoor children’s play area into the very depths of infected hell!), you can experience survivor versus zombie. It’s going to involve a load of fake blood and NERF guns.

Never even heard of zombie larp before? Want to know more? Then check out the zombielarp.co.uk website by the lot that started it all. It’s run by a bunch of people way up country (Norwich). The rules and everything else you can find on there is pretty much how March’s Cornwall event will be run.

Currently the mad men behind this project are building up NERF armaments, blood stock piles and bio-hazard containers. While Arthur and Tim can make as many zombie related paraphernalia as can be fitted into Raze the Roof, the whole event won’t mean a thing unless they get the people there to actually make up the body count.

That’s right, they still need bodies. Places are limited, but by signing up to the Zombie Larp: DeGenesis FB event page, you’ll know when you can put some hard cash down to say, “Yes! I want to rush about like a maniac to be promptly slaughtered and then shuffle after living people whilst crying, “Urrrrrr, argh” – that is my life’s dream!”

Soon you’ll be able to pay £8 into a PayPal account that’s being set up for the event. And it doesn’t matter where you hail from, you’re welcome so long as you’re aged over 18 years.

Did I mention that you’ll get to hang out with Paul and me too? That’s right, we’ll be there helping out and generally looking disheveled and undead, as well as doing some filming.

So come, on check out the links and I hope to see you next month at what will be an epic evening.

Got a burning question to ask Tim and Arth? Send them an e-mail to ZLCornwall[at]mail.com


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