Peter Pan with a difference




Okay, this is a bit of an experimental blog post as I am using a WordPress app, that I’ve downloaded, to produce it on my phone. So please forgive me if things don’t look quite as they would normally.

So, Peter Pan. I saw a local pantomime production in the Seven Stars, Penryn on Sunday night.

The photos that are hopefully with this post show Pan and the supporting characters as you’ve never seen them before. And if you pay a £6 ticket fee, you’ll be able to hear them as you’ve never done before.

This ain’t no Disney homage are Robin Williams tribute. Penryn Community Theatre’s Peter Pan is a quirky, bawdy ride through places that you’re momma told you not to go to. Definitely not for kids.

I don’t want to spoil things too much, but it’s in Penryn and the Netherlands. And Captain Hook is more than a bit different.

Also, should you go see this, you will be amazed by the way flying is portrayed. No strings!

It’s meant to be on at 7.30pm each night all week, with a potential performance at The Poly, Falmouth on the evening of 18th February if demand is high enough. Contact the Seven Stars, Penryn for more details.

P.S. One of Paul’s older brothers plays s henchman in the panto.

UPDATE: Okay, and maybe I should have mentioned that the Seven Stars is a pub with its own mini raised stage built in.


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