It seems that I have been given an award

Well, a err, blog award, via the delightful Tiny Temper over at Prince Charming, my arse. So here it is:

As I am unfamiliar with receiving this kind of attention, I shall do my best to amble through the responsibilities that it doth endow me with.

  1. Thank and link back to the blogger who gave you this award. (done)
  2. Share seven things about yourself. (getting round ‘tuit)
  3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers the Stylish Blogger Award.
  4. Contact them and let them know!

Before I move on to step two I want to move on to step three first. Now, please bare with me those who are about to be nominated and contacted. Think of this like being when you were a child and were roped into a game of pass the parcel at a party when all you wanted to do was play monsters or the such like.

You don’t need to feel obliged to stick the image in your sidebar, unless you really, really want to put it in your sidebar. If you’re wondering where the “style” part comes in, well, err, maybe I think you have nice hair -_-;;

Mr Ould’s and his, Touching from a distance, further all the time: an Ian Curtis obsessive if ever there was one.

Digital Eccentric: May be in part responsible for convincing Paul to purchase all of the Sims 3 for me over Steam recently when it was 50% off the bundle.

Escoblades: He likes comics, incl. the Green Lantern, loves to play games and is great for a chat on Twitter.

A Sacred Mongoose: Mabel isn’t really a mongoose, I happen to have been friends with her since secondary school.

Marco Fiori is an all round great guy who takes photos that I am incredibly jealous of, but in a good way.

And finally TJN: dude med et tastatur. This is written by a Norwegian friend of mine and if you’re after some table top gaming insanity, is the place to be.

Now why do I not have 15 nominations? Well, like Tiny I’m struggling to find that many blogs to nominate. I read plenty, but many are not suitable for this. Also, this appears to have been begun by a group of US bloggers. As someone who works in stuff like social media and SEO I know that the US, due to having a population far larger than the UK, tends to have people who frequent their blogs more and have more blogs. They also tend to have more “connections” online. Bigger population = greater amount of online activity.

Anyway, enough with my excuses, and on to the seven interesting things about myself.

I have a personal vendetta against Rick Wakeman

Yes, the keyboardist from Yes.He was in the last pantomime I went to see in the Hall for the Cornwall. Not only did he bang into my knees several times as he moved amongst the audience as part of the performance, he had been smoking in his costume and therefore reeked of fags.

I try to have at least one “veggie” day a week

I am one of those people who has been bowled over by the idea of not eating any meat products one day a week in order to reduce my impact on the environment. Though the not eating meat products ends up happening about 2-3 days a week as I like Quorn substitutes, because of how much healthier they are when compared with their meat counterparts.

I like Pokémon

Have done since the cartoon was first on air in the UK. I have at least one game from each generation and I plan to pick-up Pokémon White once it’s released. Though I do kind of wish that Gamfreak would move the design of the games on a bit.

I have twice fallen asleep whilst watching Hellraiser

First time I tried to watch it, I couldn’t and had to stop. Each subsequent viewing has sent me asleep before the first forty minutes. Hellraiser induced narcoleptic perhaps?

I have never been to a concert

While I do love various music acts, I have never attended a concert. Or been to a music festival. I blame my sheltered upbringing for this mostly. It’s left me less than inclined towards attending any. But if I was going to see a live concert for the first time, I’d love to see the Scissor Sisters first.

I managed to get a Cadbury’s Creme Egg through a car accident

When I was knocked over by a car at the age of 12, a creme egg I had in the front pocket of my coat survived me landing on it as I somersaulted off the bonnet of the car that hit me. I ate the egg after getting out of hospital that same day. Sadly my left Scaphoid wasn’t as whole after the accident. (Fractures suck.)

My hair went curly when I hit puberty

Pretty much what it says. Well, actually, my hair was curly up to about age 4 then it went straight for ages, and then once I hit 10, it decided to go curly and wavy. Maybe it’s because I like to eat bread crusts?


10 thoughts on “It seems that I have been given an award

  1. I’m here to tell ya that I have just as many UK friends here on line with blogs than I do US. And they read my blog, they may not comment, but I know they read it. And that’s fine. I love my British friends. Someday real soon I hope to have them as real life friends instead of on line friends.

    15 nominations? I thought it was only suppose to be five? I don’t even have that many to nominate.

    Ya have to admit Rick Wakeman is an awesome keyboard artist. That was rude that he bashed into your knees. He may not have been aware of it. They may want to rethink the performance act next time.

    Pokemon rocks! I saw the first movie when my kids were little and have the sound track which is great. Love that little Pikachu!

  2. Ta very much! Will have to think about some interesting things to reveal about myself.

    Well, whether it’s 5 or 15, I don’t really read that many blogs :S and you’ve already nominated Marco. I’ll manage though!

    Congrats all ^^

  3. See, Em? They’re happy! Everyone likes appreciation and love from time to time 🙂

    I saw Rick Wakeman in panto, too! I was displeased with him, but for different reasons – we’d just started up a children’s football club at the time, and got talking to him about it backstage. He gave us all this guff and promised to be a patron (ie hand over some dosh and free publicity). Eventhough I wrote to him few times to sort out the details, he never once replied 😦

    Thanks for the shout-out! 🙂

  4. That’s so nice of you, Em! I haven’t had time to reply to it yet but in any case I don’t know any blogs except yours and Tiny Temper’s anyway so I may not be able to nominate anyone else….. xx

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