Geeky clothes a.k.a. “Get my geek on”

I like their stuff

I remember a time -before the vast array of Internet shopping services and providers were as adept and numerous as they are now – when it was rather difficult for me to get my hands on geeky clothing. Living in Cornwall meant a lack of specialist retailers on my local high street (a problem that kind of persists today). And it also meant no conventions happened very close by (when I was younger, my parents wouldn’t even take me to attend something in Devon if I wanted to go let alone allow me to catch the train with a bunch of friends). Also the size I use to be meant that even if I found something I liked the look of it was very likely that it would not fit me.

I hate plain t-shirts. I like my shirts to feature interesting images from series, films and games that I like.

With retailers online becoming more numerous, affordable – and me putting in the effort to shift over 4 stone in the last 2 years – my geeky clothes woes are no more. Okay, and having my own income helps as well.

Yesterday I treated myself to two new t-shirts from Last Exit to Nowhere. I may like my videogames a lot, but I really like films as well. These will be the first t-shirts I have bought from there specifically for myself, previous purchases have been birthday or Xmas presents for Paul. One of the shirts was probably the last one of this Tyrell Corp print and the other was this Alien inspired USCSS Nostromo tee.

Thank you Internet for making it even easier for me to “get my geek on”.


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