Going back to Back to the Future

Ah, bliss

Last night saw me do three different things. One was finish my Dead Space 2 review for BeefJack. Despite the problems presented by the whole work party and visiting Paul’s parents, I managed to complete the singleplayer (approximately 12 hours it took me) and have a long go on multiplayer. The main hurdle came when I’d accidentally deleted a couple of screenshots that I wanted to use from near the beginning of the game, and so last night saw me frantically playing parts of it for an hour to get the shots that I needed.

The second thing, which kind of ran into the third, was that Paul and I finally got round to starting to watch our Blu-Ray version of the Back to the Future Trilogy. So we watched the first and second films. And we had a lot of fun.

Being so young that we were unable to see any of the films in the cinema when they were originally released, this was the closest we had ever gotten to a cinema experience with them. HD + 5.1 Surround Sound = a reasonable cinema substitute.

I suppose the most interesting part of watching the two films – apart from the writers’ wonky interpretation of time travel – came whilst we watched the second film. 2015 is only 4 years away, so it was weird looking at the interpretation of future technology. The most accurate was the large flat screen TV in the McFly’s living room, and that bit with Jaws when they initially get to 2015 is similar to the current obsession with 3D technology in films, games and TV.

I believe we’ll be watching the third film tonight. Hopefully.

Course, watching two films with Michael J. Fox in a row means that I now have a burning desire to watch The Frighteners, which I only watched last Halloween. It’s okay, I’ll use it as background amusement as I work on some new designs for my website Ek-Creations, which I’m about to start overhauling over the coming month.

(Considering that the photos of me used on the site are of a me that no longer exists – I’m over 4 stone lighter since they were taken – I do really feel the need to revamp things there.)

Hmmm, I think new photos plus robots will work well.


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