Four Dead In Ohio – a pleasant discovery

The good kind of FB advertising

Whilst I write up my Dead Space 2 review for BeefJack, here’s some gentle music blogging to ease us in to the week.

During the last two months I have become a fan of London based psychedelic rock band Four Dead In Ohio (Facebook here and Myspace here). All because of a Facebook Ad popping up when I was in a good mood.

See, I get that people often ignore ads on Facebook and other webpages. And when you consider some of the dodgy deals that often get advertised or less than legitimate service providers, it’s healthy for your computer and your wallet to ignore most of them.

However when I saw the FB ad for Four Dead In Ohio, seeing that it was a band, I was like, “Hmmmm, with a name like that, mebbie I should take a look.” And that was one mouse click that I haven’t regretted.

I just love their sound. I’m not a music critic, I can’t give you a review of any of their tracks, but I can say that if you’re after some fresh sounding psychedelic rock, it may be worth giving them a look. And I can definitely say that I am glad I’ve got them on my MP3 player. Wish I could see them live.

Sadly, they did have a music video up on their MySpace page before Christmas for one of their tracks, but it’s not there anymore 😦


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