Battlestar Galactica: What I didn’t notice before

There's plenty I didn't notice before, but I did notice her revealing outfits.

With being given the complete DVD box set of the new Battlestar Galactica for Christmas, it was inevitable that I would eventually begin to watch it. While I’ll be missing out on getting a daily fix of this whilst I play onDead Space 2, I’ve already watched all of season 1 and am part way through season 2.

I’d already watched seasons 1-4 before (have yet to ever watch season 5). So I’m rewatching them in order to jog my memory as it’s been a while since I’ve seen any episodes from it.

Of course this means that I’ve been noticing things that I didn’t when I watched the first 4 seasons the first time round. I never realised how crazy Dr. Gaius Baltar was when I first watched it. Or the religious overtones. Or the foreshadowing.

Maybe I didn’t notice things because of all that knitting I did when I watched it the first time round. This scarf is one thing I remember knitting whilst watching one season…


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