Moment of Distraction #3

Dead Space 2, yummy

This weekend will see me working on my Dead Space 2 review for BeefJack. I’ll have most of this evening free to play it, most of Saturday (I’m off to a party with Paul, though we won’t be out late ), but Sunday…

I’ll be transferring my place of play from home to my parents-in-laws-to-be’s house. I suppose it’s a testament of how cool they can be, as they’re fine with me taking over a TV for a day so that I can continue playing the game. And this won’t be the first game that I’ve had to take over their living room for.

So, along with the usual baggage one takes for staying over night somewhere, I’ll be dragging Paul and mine’s Xbox 360 with us as well. Okay, I say drag, but actually it’ll be safely secured in a bag.

But where’s the “distraction” in all of this? I ask, “Have you ever tried playing a survival horror game in front of older family members?” I suspect most will answer “No” to that.

Here’s to having your pants scared off >_<


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